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64-bit plugins?

This is a simple question: I am running in 64-bit mode and since I have a brand new machine I have to reinstall everything, and that includes plugins. The question is simple: Do any of the plugins that do not have "64" appended to their name work in 64-bit mode, or am I restricted to those three that do (4Console, 4Utils, Sysutils). I suspect that the answer is "Yes" I am restricted to those three but I'm not 100% sure of that. (This is probably why I had the 32-bit Take Command installed on my old machine.)
There's no rule regarding the names of plugins. It's a matter of how the author chooses to build and package them. I haven't checked but it's quite reasonable to package a 32-bit plugin and a 64-bit plugin together in a zipfile with a non-specific name. But I assure you, a plugin of one bitness won't work with a TCC of the other bitness.

If you ask about plugins by name, I suspect the authors will chime in.

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