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_USBS list misses flash drives that @USB recognizes.

The two drives that are missing from the list are both flash drives.


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It wouldn't be a TCC bug.

The way I understand your answer - and since I know you're a fan of numbered replies:

1) You're selling a box labeled "apples".
2) You have discovered the box contains pears, not apples.
3) However, you have confirmed that your pear-detector does work.

So,.. everything WAD then?
Possibly of interest: _USBDRIVES
I'm sure it would Charles. My sincere thanks for the offer. I'm sure you noticed that there is an obvious solution using TC only. If there is extra or unsupported functionality to be had I am the first to embrace any external source. However, if I can think of a work-around that doesn't introduce a new dependency then I'll always stick with the latter.

If you wish, I will gladly test your solution for you, but the correctness of your product is not the issue here, is it?

Rex could easily fix his product, using the part that *does* work. Later, after Microsoft fixes their stuff he could silently (without a change in his product's interface) restore his original code. Completely unnoticed by his clients. They would simply experience continuity. Why he doesn't want to do that we can only guess at.

Regards, DJ.

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