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A version of the SDK that works with VS community

Hi guys.

Would somebody be so kind to make available to me a version of the SDK that compiles under VS 2015 - community?

The current SDK does not separate MS stuff and Borland stuff.

Also, the vs proj contains user settings that don't belong there. (Somebody at JPSoft apparently is working under d:\TakeCommand)

Why aren't the files on separate paths in that zip?

Anyhow. Would somebody be so kind please?

Assuming @djspits is old-school...

Borland = Delphi

and quoting the plugins download page...

"The Plugin SDK includes all the files you need to develop plugins in C / C++ or Delphi. Documentation is in the ZIP file."
That seems seems totally contained in a single file, "DelphiDemo.dpr" which is easily ignored.

I've always had to fight with out-of-the-box SDKs. My best advice to djspits is to use VS to create a new project, copy and include plugin.cpp, plugin.h, plugin.def, and takecmd.h in the project, and then struggle a bit with the project settings (and maybe the code itself).
Thanks for replying guys. And yes, I'm old school - very. I payed for my first Turbo Pascal box with my paper route.

I wouldn't be posting here if I hadn't spent a couple of hours already to get it to work. The zip contained no other documentation than the comments in the source. I started with opening the PlugIn.vcxproj but the project does not build. The first problem is it has a reference to the project for building the TakeCmd libs. Okay, remove that and yes, now the linker misses them, so add those for two configurations, what? there is a configuration "Lite" in here - is that standard MS or am supposed to understand what it's for - ... Get the picture? There are limits to what can be "easily ignored." The project is obviously not clean. It contains paths (and other settings?) that a customer can't possibly be expected to have/want. The second method I have tried is to start with an empty C++ DLL project and add the source files and libraries but I'm having to guess about *many* things. I suspect one has to be clairvoyant to get this to work. A resource.h is #included in the header but not in the zip - comment it out and the number of errors increases with each step. I like fiddling a bit - but I am not convinced that this package could work under any circumstance on a fresh installation of VS.

I'm not new to Visual Studio, but [...] "there seems to be a gap between my expectations and the quality of the provided material".

Could one of you come up with an empty project that works?

Any help or influence would be greatly appreciated.
What are you guessing about when you try a new, empty C++ DLL project?

You can ignore the resource stuff unless you absolutely must have an icon.

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