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Fixed ACTIVATE Causes TCMD to Terminate

I have a script for positioning windows. For TCMD 27 the following command works fine:

activate "TC 27*" /pos=1170,503,1100,897

With TCMD 30, I think it had been working, but now the command

activate "TC 30*" /pos=1170,503,1100,897

causes Take Command to close.

Does anyone else see this?
When I try that, Take Command does not close, but it does wind up hidden.
Yes, you are right. I see that I now have SIX instances of TCMD 30 running, all but one hidden.
Yup! Exactly as specified but hidden.

activate "*30.00*" /pos=1170,503,1100,897

v:\> whichwin /c XTPMainFrame /f VL
Visible: No
LTRB:    1170,503,2270,1400
I found a temporary fix. My script now calls ACTIVATE with the /POS option and then calls it again with the /RESTORE option, which seems to bring the activated application back from its hidden state. Seems to work. (It wasn't only Take Command that was being hidden; it was whatever program was being positioned.)
Not reproducible here.

I compared the v27 & v30 code; the only difference is this line:

// kludge for Windows bug with TCC tab window (Windows is hiding the Take Command window)
ShowWindow( hWnd, wndpl.showCmd );

which was commented out in v28 - v30 because Microsoft had fixed it -- at least for Win 11 & on my system. Apparently they didn't copy the fix back to the Win 10 codebase.

I've added it back to v30 for build 19.

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