activate "..." hide hides the foremost window

Jun 24, 2008
Siegen, Germany
Using e.g. activate "GATWDA Default - Vimperator" hide from my TCC console window, the latter window gets hidden instead of the window requested. The behavior is "correct" for e.g. activate ... tray, or activate ... restore.

Here: Windows 7 + TCC lastest 64-bit.
[Window 7 + TCC latest 64-bit] "GATWDA Default" is the title of my Firefox 31 (with the default page loaded) as determined by echo %@WINTITLE[<ff_pid>]. activate "GATWDA Default" hide does nothing, while activate "GATWDA Default" tray puts the Firefox in the tray but doesn't hide it, and activate "GATWDA Default" show will untray the - not hidden - Firefox... (the behavior seems to differ slightly from my other computer).
The behavior doesn't seem to be bound to Firefox; it also happens e.g. with VLC. It does not however happen with e.g. Explorer windows.

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