Adaptive toolbar buttons in TCmd

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May 16, 2008
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I run the JP command processors on a couple machines that have different sets of software installed. I wanted to use the same startup files on both machines, yet I didn't want to have useless buttons on the Take Command toolbar. My solution was to configure the toolbar dynamically on startup.

A variation of this technique could be used for using the TCmd toolbar as part of a dynamic "menuing system".

Programming technique

I check for each software package I'm interested in, and if it is found, then I create a toolbar button for it. I set the nb environment variable to keep track of the number of buttons I have created so far. The @INCR[] function acts like a ++nb in the C language, incrementing and then returning the value of the nb variable.
function incr `%@exec[@set %1=%@inc[%1]]%[%1]`

iff %_CMDPROC eq TCMD32 then
    iff %_4ver ge 8.0 then
        TCTOOLBAR /C

    set nb=0

    :: to use & or %+ in the TCTOOLBAR commands
    setdos /x-5

    set _exe=%@search[i_view32.exe,%PATH;%SystemDrive\bin\IrfanView]
    iff defined _exe then
        TCTOOLBAR %@incr[nb] 2 IrfanView @"%_exe"
        unset _exe

    iff isalias eps then
        TCTOOLBAR %@incr[nb] 2 Eps @eps

    set _exe=%@search[ntfy_cd.exe,%PATH;%ProgramFiles\CD-R\NotifyCD;%ProgramFiles\NotifyCD]
    iff defined _exe then
        TCTOOLBAR %@incr[nb] 2 NotifyCD @"%_exe"
        unset _exe

    set _exe=%@search[msdev.exe,%PATH;%SystemDrive\VS\Common\MSDev98\Bin]
    iff defined _exe then
        TCTOOLBAR %@incr[nb] 2 VC6 @"%_exe" /Y3
        unset _exe

:: [snip several other buttons]

    :: Clear out any extra buttons in previous versions of TCmd
    iff not %_4ver ge 8.0 then
        do qq = %@inc[nb] to 31
            TCTOOLBAR %qq
        unset /q qq
    unset /q nb

    setdos /x+5