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Done Add ability for inline image files for sendmail or similar

I use sendmail to send image files to contacts but that means they have to download the image attachments. Be great if there was a way to do an inline attachment, with sendmail. Maybe /AI "filename.jpg" for attachment inline.

sendmail /a "file1.jpg" "[email protected]" "sample email subject" Inline attachment /AI "inlineattach.jpg" How do you like this email?
Charles, what's the "download" thingy? Are you saying that when you attach (/A) a file, it doesn't arrive with the email? That would be a bit of a surprise.
@vefatica ,
The image file has to be downloaded from the email to be seen (file1.jpg in my example) but if attached as an inline image (inlineattach.jpg) then the JPG can be viewed without haveing to be downloaded first.

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