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Done Add display options to new HASH function

I just upgraded to v21 and I appreciate the new hash function but I think it would benefit from three additions:
  1. Add a switch for lowercase hex output. Most utilities (including Windows own built-in hash generator) and websites that provide hash values for verification list them in lowercase making comparison easier. I also find lowercase hex values easier to read.
  2. Similarly, add a switch that displays the output in what I would describe as linux-standard format: the (lowercase) hash value + 2 spaces + the filename. I have been using aliases to do this such as:
    alias sha256=do v in %$ (echo %@lower[%@sha256["%v"]] %v)
  3. A switch that takes a hash value (or list of hash values) and compares it to the generated value(s) to automatically validate known hashes.

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