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Done Add "Evaluate Expression" to Right-Click Context Menu in Batch Debugger

I often use the debugger's Evaluate Expression window (Alt-F11) when working on batch files. I mostly use it when paused at a breakpoint, then selecting the expression I'm interested in (usually with the mouse) and pressing Shift-Alt-F11 to see if the expression evaluates as I think it should.

I would find it an improvement in useability if, after selecting the expression of interest, rather than having to let go of the mouse to use the keyboard, I could right-click and select "Evaluate Selection" from the pop-up context menu.

Please consider this enhancement for a future version.

[Edited to make it clear that "Evaluate Selection" is what needs adding to the pop-up context menu]
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I like rogerb's enhancement idea

Now .. can you also add a like button when an enhancement, request, or a suggestion has been made by a member instead of typing a response like i've done for simplicity ?
What about the existing Like button?

i dont see the buttons here all i see is faceflop twitter reddit whatsapp etc.. ahha found em thanks disregard

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