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Declined Add example .BTM code to TCC Debugger and CMDebug

I use VbsEdit, which is a VBScript Editor with Debugger.

A menu option is Samples, from which you select a VBScript, it pastes into a new edit screen, which you can then run, compile to an .EXE, edit, etc.

These are all of the Sample Scripts that are included with VbsEdit.

Note also that VbsEdit has a Snippet menu, in which you can use existing snippets, and add your own snippets of code.

Maybe the TCC Debugger and CMDebug could be made to work like the VbsEdit program, and provide paste-and-go .BTM example code just like VbsEdit does.

Ref: Update help (more) and new tutorials

This is basically the same as requests for "could you provide more detailed Help." While we all would love that, Rex has addressed the fact that it would require massive amounts of time and effort and people wouldn't want to buy a new version just because it has better Help, so it's not economically feasible.
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