Done Add the possibility to comment the ENDIFF

It seems to be convenient to have the possibility to comment the ELSE and ENDIFF on the same line:
iff "%a" == "s1" then
iff isdir "%b" then
else %b
endiff %b
else %a
iff %c LE 7 then
else %c
endiff %c
endiff %a

The idea is to make the TCC accepting and ignoring the "parameters" of the ELSE and ENDIFF clauses. Now such commenting requires a combination of the 'command separator symbol' with the REM command, which seems ugly and increases the file's size.
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May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
Lines beginning with colons are labels -- GOTO and GOSUB targets. A double colon is a fairly useless label, but can be used as a comment.
That's how I always thought of it. So it was a bit of a surprise to see it work at the end of an IFF, ELSE, or ENDIFF line. In my brief testing, it works in those places with or without "&" and REM behaves similarly.
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Jan 12, 2014
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Hi Dmitry

I could not find anything about the '::' in the TCC's help…

In my version here (24.00.36) I could find the following line in the Help for REM:

You can also place a comment in a batch file by starting the comment line with two colons [::]. In essence this creates a batch file "label" without a valid label name.

There are the words 'starting the line' there. The statement does not mean the double colons will work so anywhere in a command line. A command line starting with 'REM ' is ignored as commment, but the 'REM ' after some characters in a line will constitutes a part of a command. The commands
echo the test for rem is OK
echo the test for :: is OK

display all the phrases, not the words before 'rem' or '::'.
Oct 18, 2009
I've used :: for years instead of REM. Basically, it WOULD create a label named ":". But since there are no "GOTO :" or "GOSUB :" commands it doesn't create a problem.

I never tried it at the end of lines, but I'll definitely start using it--that's one thing I've wanted for a long time but never said anything about it.