"Administrator:" - I don't want to see it

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Now playing with (virtual) Vista ... UAC turned off ... vefatica (an administrator) logged in ... I'm seeing "Administrator:" in my TCMD caption (thank god not in stand-alone TCC's caption, though _ADMIN=1) ... I don't want to see that. Can I turn it off?

And I'd also prefer not to see "TC 12.10 - " in the caption; I know what program it is, it's staring me in the face. The caption of the current tab would be fine. Or perhaps we need a TCTITLEPROMPT.

And, for example, with TITLEPROMPT=$s[%_pid]$s$s$p, TCMD's caption reads "Administrator: TC 12.10 - [1752] c:\Program .." ... it's truncated!, even though I have room enough in the title bar for two of them.