After you posted that b26 was available yesterday, I went to the SUBJECTED page and it still says:

"22.0 Build 24 2017-11-28"

and it's not a caching problem on my end.


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May 14, 2008
First, there are four places that the web pages are cached:
  1. On the JP Software server
  2. On the CloudFlare servers (many, many Cloudflare servers)
  3. On your ISP
  4. On your browser
I can only control the first and (partially) the second.

Second, what's displayed on that page is irrelevant - the only thing that matters is what the TCMD updater says.


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May 14, 2008
I use firefox and have cleared my cache, and my ISP is good (Time Warner / Spectrum) so i guess what does the webpage say now is the latest v22 build?
Not sure what you want me to do about this -- remove the version numbers & dates from the download page?

(And Time Warner definitely caches web content - the bigger the ISP, the more they cache.)
I've a similar problem with the downloads ! If I clicked on the page
on the link "TCC v22 (combined 32/64-bit installer) 22.0 Build 27 2017-12-01"
I get the TCC.EXE with the Fileversion, so I've try it with
copy ""
so I get a TCC.EXE with fileversion
If I installed this distribution, I get a TCC.EXE with fileverision, but an IDE.EXE with
fileversion 22.0.25 !
And the the effect is, this IDE.EXE will start but not run, that means, it shows me the Dialog

and after I click on "Go on" the appliaction closes without any action or is executed as background and
cannot be brought to the foreground. .....
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