Alternate Data Streams in the GUI

While DIR /: will expose Alternate Data Streams via the console, if you want to expose Alternate Data Streams via the GUI, visit;

and scroll down to the section titled "Viewing Streams".

I've followed the instructions, and it works fine in TC 10 on my XP SP3 system.

Part of the CmdUtils collection includes a program called CONTEXT.EXE, that you can use from the command prompt to display and use the context menu for a file. For example,

CONTEXT myfile.txt
will display the context menu for the file myfile.txt, just as if you right-clicked the file in explorer. From the context menu, properties can be selected, via the keyboard, allowing access to the Streams tab, which I now have available.

Another tool included in the CmdUtils collection is PROPSFOR.EXE, which immediately takes you to the Properties tab for a file, allowing quick access to the Streams tab.

CmdUtils can be downloaded from and includes the source code to the mentioned utilities.