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[ANN] idle4nt plugin, v0.6

This is basically a maintenance release to bring the idle4nt plugin to
the level of the recently released Idle 0.6.0b beta.

Download: http://thomaslauer.com/download/idle4nt06.zip

The main change for this version is the inclusion of a simple module to
produce GUIs and dialog boxes (see the included examples as well as the
Idle documentation, also included). There have been a few other changes,
for details see http://idle.thomaslauer.com/IdleChanges.html .

A second change concerns the filename of the plugin. In previous
versions this was idle4nt(.dll). I have now changed this to
idle03(.dll). The main reason for doing this was that all additional
Idle runtime DLLs (with bindings for SQLite3, TCC and Perl) are linked
with and for idle03.lib, so the plugin DLL would (try to) load
idle03.dll at runtime which in turn would produce either load errors or,
even worse, crashes. (If you want to use any of the additional Idle
runtime DLLs, you'll have to download the appropriate package from the
Idle download page.)

The installation zip contains the plugin dll, the glue source code, a
few plugin-specific examples and the readme. Subdirectory doc\ has the
complete Idle documentation whereas subdirectory test\ contains all the
example scripts that come with the standard Idle distribution.

Have fun and report bugs here or to [email protected]

Idle is a scripting language based on the Lua language core. It includes
a few extensions to the language but the main difference to Lua is the
integration of an extensive runtime library and the included compiler.

cheers thomasl

web: http://thomaslauer.com/start

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