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Annoying "Event64" Problem...

Whenever I open a new TCC session I get:

ConSearch v0.32.0 loaded; hotkey is Alt-F.
TCC: Plugin already loaded "Event64"
ISO8601 plugin v1.4.1 loaded.
SafeChars plugin v1.8.0 loaded.

I get the same message about "Event64" when I pipe as in:

Dir | List

And my TCStart.btm file has:

If %_Pipe != 0 .OR. %_Transient != 0 Quit

As the first line after the "@Echo Off"

What is going on here and how can I stop it?
My best guess: It's loaded automatically because it's in the default plugin directory and your TCSTART.BTM is trying to load it again.
My second best guess: Your TCSTART.BTM is trying to load it twice.
Another guess: Two copies of the plugin .DLL in your PlugIns directory.
To go through the above one-by-one:

My TCStart.btm file does not load any plugins and the first two lines in the batch file are:

@Echo Off
If %_Pipe != 0 .OR. %_Transient != 0 Quit

My plugin directory contains:


I can't think of anything I could add to the above.
Are you sure you're using te INI file (and the TCSTART file) that you think your using? That has been the source of considerable confusion in the past. Try
echo %_ininame
Then look at **that** INI file and check the values of TCStartPath and 4StartPath. They will name the directory where TCSTAR.BTM is being found.
Also, what does the PlugIn command show ? It is possible that the Event64.dll might not be loading and you might be getting an incorrect error message.
I don't know if anyone else is maintaining the EVENT plugin. But I recompiled my copy of the code. The last time I did anything with it was back in 2009. I tested it in my x64 environment and it appears to work.


Scott you found it. The plugin is not loading at all (it is EVENT64) so every time a TCC session starts it tries to load it and fails. However, there error message certainly isn't very accurate in that situation (Rex). And renaming it so it's not a DLL anymore fixes the problem. Thank you, Scott, I don't have a strong need for that plugin so I can live without it.
Forgive me Scott, but I was wrong about the plugin not being loaded at all (partial blindness). And the new one you have above gives the same results.
Whenever I open a new TCC session I get:

ConSearch v0.32.0 loaded; hotkey is Alt-F.
TCC: Plugin already loaded "Event64"
ISO8601 plugin v1.4.1 loaded.
SafeChars plugin v1.8.0 loaded.

How are you getting that text? If I put EVENT64.dll into my plugins directory I don't get anything output. Nor do I get any output when I manually load it using plugin /L.
Vince or Charles are you able to duplicate Dan's Failure To Load?

I downloaded the .ZIP file in your post above and and tried the .DLL file with TCC LE 13.06.77 x64 on Windows 7. It loads and unloads without any messages via the PLUGIN command. If I put it in %@path[%_cmdspec]\plugins it loads automatically at startup; no error messages when piping. I can't recreate the issue.
You might also try
plugin /b event*
to see where it's loading from. Maybe that will spark something.
That "already loaded" message echos what the user specified. The only way I could get a message like Dan's was to specify the plugin name with no extension in a "plugin /L" command. I doubt there's any way other than "PLUGIN /L" to get that message unless, as Charles mentioned earlier, there are two plugin DLLs which identify themselves as having the same plugin name.
v:\> plugin /l 4console
TCC: Plugin already loaded "4console"
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Guys I think we should just forget this; I was trying to use the plugin because I thought it might come in useful at some point in the future. To answer your questions above again there are no plugins loaded in the TCStart.btm file, there are no plugins (or any thing other than specifying values for parameters of one kind or another) in the TCmd.ini file, all of the plugins are being loaded automatically because they are in the plugins directory, and deleting EVENT64.dll from that directory cured the problem. I don't know what else I can say here.
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