Another modest proposal

Charles Dye

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May 20, 2008
Albuquerque, NM
No, nothing to do with Soylent Emerald Isle. Or coining money from radioactive waste.

I think it would make sense for the x86 version to announce itself as "x86" in all the places that the x64 build now calls itself "x64": in the output of VER, in the Help/About dialog, names of shortcuts, installer dialogs, maybe even the filename of the installer itself.... There are probably a hundred places where the x64 build announces its platform and the x86 build doesn't. Not gonna happen in v17, I know, but something to think about for v18; and presumably continue until you drop 32-bit support altogether.
x86 reminds me of those days of making windows boot disks, when you would load this stuff into a directory \i386, and you knew quite well that it had no hope of booting in a i486, let alone a i386. But i suppose the Japanish are calling their x86 boxes PC-DOS/V machines. Could be worse.

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