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ANSI is used to show files instead of OEM in version 17 to 19 !

I am using TCC for a long time and when I use 'type', 'list', ... my file was displayed in OEM till release 16.
I install the release 19 and the same file is now displayed in ANSI ?
I have tested with several releases and the problem begins with release 17 and disappears in release 20 !
Look at the file attached to understand my problem.
Is this an option in releases 17 to 19 or a bug ?

I have a valid product key in 19 but not for 20,21,22 :-(



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If you do CHCP, what does it say?

It reports the OEM code page. Which is usually, but not always, different from the Windows ("ANSI") code page.

I vaguely remember the issue gumn describes. TYPE originally treated 8-bit text files like CMD's TYPE. Then, for several versions, it instead interpreted them as Notepad does. And then it reverted to the original behavior. Somebody may have complained about the changed behavior. That somebody may even have been me, I don't recall.

The only way the behavior could change is for Rex to change it, and I can't imagine it being an accident. So I'm going to call this a misfeature, not a bug.
Ok, there is no solution in TCC 17 to 19 in this case :-( ? not a special option ?
Need to upgrade to the last release or keep my old version ?

(CHCP is 850 but changed to 437 has the same result.)
Upgrading to the current version will fix a number of other issues as well. Not to mention encouraging Rex to continue support and updates.

But if you really want to type 8-bit files in the affected versions, my own UTYPE has an /I: option to specify the code page to use. UTYPE also defaults to the Windows code page, but /I:OEM will use the OEM code page.

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