How to? Any Chance

Aug 9, 2009
This is intended for Mr Conn.

I've tried v27.18 What I saw in tcc I liked very much. My eval expired is their any chance that the eval period could roll back say 15 days on these new incremental builds please
Yes. The script is v27 specific it had problems they now work so what i'd really like is the handy ide to work in rt version if not that then a roll back period to clean up the script more
If you want a simple REPL for TCC-RT, try this;
@echo off
:: Read-Eval-Print-Loop
:: Usage: "C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCC_RT_27\tcc.exe" /I /Q /C repl.btm
Do Forever
  echos %_cwd^>
  input %%thecmd
  call %thecmd

As TCC-RT does not come with the IDE, you can download CMDebug, which has a 30-day trial.