How to? Any way to run a command in a new tab at startup?

May 2, 2012
Chicago USA
At least temporarily I'd like Take Command to start up with two tabs:
  1. The normal command shell
  2. In the other tab another program (let's say my editor)
I found nothing obvious in the Help, and a search here failed to turn anything up as well. Is this possible?
Option (menu) ... TakeCommand ... Tabs ... make tab 1 your normal shell ... make tab 2 your editor (or whatever you want).
That didn't seem to work very well (at least on my second attempt). My first try failed because I forgot your vital instruction to "make tab 1 your normal shell." When I tried explicitly to make Tab 1 run TCC I managed to conflubulate the whole Take Command and it wouldn't run at all any longer. I just got the dreaded "Not Responding" spinning wheel of death. I had to edit my INI file to yank out those menu-made mods before I could run TCC again.

Perhaps I'll abandon the idea and just run my command in a new tab after TCC is up and running ... as I have been doing. I had hoped to automate it a bit, but it's not worth very much time/trouble. Maybe one more attempt.
Maybe vince would like to capture the OPTION dialog about what a sample startup would be with te default shell and his editor in the 2nd tab. then tmaynard could change the paths / programs as necessary...
I don't have a console editor so I used FTP.EXE in my tests; it shouldn't matter. I can't imagine how this could go wrong.


TCMD starts with Tab 1 visible. After switching to tab 2 ...
All that looks like this when I view the INI file.
Command=g:\tc16\tcc.exe /q
We should probably point out that the whole idea of starting your editor in a Take Command tab is probably completely pointless, unless it is a console-based editor. Most Windows editors aren't.
Hello? Vim? (Not GVim, but regular old console Vim.)

And I guess I should probably point out that if I were using Windows tools, I'd likely not be out on the command line in the first place -- but perhaps I should have a second cup of coffee on a rocky Monday morning before I post anything. :grumpy:

More to the point, I've tried emulating the suggested solution(s) and ended up with a scrogged TCC yet again. My own settings were:
  • Title: TCC 16.03
  • Command: C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD16x64\tcmd.exe # With and without quotes
  • Directory: C:\Users\Tom.000
I chose to experiment "safely" by leaving TAB 1 blank and inserting the above into TAB 2. That failed miserably: I got only one tab (blank), and a non-responsive window. Ultimately, I could click/open a new tab and undo my changes (no manual editing of the INI required), but this simply isn't worth any more of my time.

My thanks to all who have responded. You are the giants upon whose shoulders I was unable to clamber up. Maybe next time. Thanks again.

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My own settings were:
  • Title: TCC 16.03
  • Command: C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD16x64\tcmd.exe # With and without quotes
  • Directory: C:\Users\Tom.000
If these are exactly Your settings, You should change from "tcmd.exe" to "tcc.exe", right now it seems that You are trying to run Take Command itself, so this might be the reason why it does not work.


Rodolfo Giovanninetti
That's definitely the problem. You're running the Take Command GUI, which is configured to run Take Command GUI in a tab, which is configured to run Take Command GUI in a tab, etc., etc., etc. tcc.exe is what gives you the console prompt.

but this simply isn't worth any more of my time.
Don't give up already! You just now provided the info needed to determine the problem. :smile:
Don't give up already! You just now provided the info needed to determine the problem. :smile:
Well, I guess I forgot to mention that I did indeed change "tcmd.exe" to "tcc.exe" and it had absolutely no ameliorative effect whatsoever; exactly the same hang as before, and this time I had to edit the INI file (with Notepad (!)), and logoff/on in order to recover.

After a lifetime of battling dragons I endeavor whenever possible to keep my systems as vanilla as possible -- sickeningly so -- so I doubt that this is a configuration issue (but it certainly could be, I won't rule it out).

Edit: What started out as just a hare-brained idea has escalated into near Yak Shaving status, and it's now burning cycles in brains other than my own. I never meant for any of this to happen. Forgive me, please.
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No worries. Most of us are here to help too, not just report problems. :) Hmm... It should be pretty straight forward, given you're not trying to run TCMD inside itself. Heh My last suggestions would be to maybe rename your .ini file out of the way and then you'll be starting from scratch settings-wise. Maybe reboot too..? I do PC support and that's necessary more often than people would like it to be.

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It should be pretty straight forward
Even you must see by now that that simply isn't true. But: I will go down fighting, if I must ... as long as I do my fighting on my own time, I suppose.

maybe rename your .ini file out of the way and...Maybe reboot to..?
While I have reverted back to my everyday, production INI file each time (the one that's been working just fine for at least a year), I have not hidden it completely -- except for when I need to recover from a truly major foul-up here lately.

And, I did my time in the Tier 1 Help Desk trenches as well, and then served in Tiers 2 and 3 before they finally ran out of Tiers to put me on (and I had run out of tears, too), so I recognize the value of "turning it off and back on again." In fact, I do this religiously each and every day. "Dirty tables" cause as many problems as "faulty wires" do: My system never runs 24 contiguous hours, but it's only just another hoop so why not jump through it, eh? I'll do both and report back but be advised that the priority for me to acquire this bogey has dropped to zero.

In fact, in just another day or two the need to fire up TCC with a mysterious something running in a second tab will have dissipated.

Oh, and @Charles Dye: I owe you an apology, of course. First, I was a bit snippy when I made my wisecrack -- even though I tried to admit it at the time. It was uncalled for, and I regret it. Second, upon reflection, the truth in your remark is ineluctable: All of this code is compiled and linked against Windows libraries -- where else would it ever run? -- and thus even the console code can legitimately be said to be "Windows programs" ... Metro, Desktop, Commandline, ..., what have you. Let me run and refill that coffee cup of yours. It is coffee, right?
Will TCMD launch successfully with any true console app in its second tab? "Good" ol' CMD, for instance. If so, then I might tend to suspect something with your editor itself or a strange interaction between it and TCMD. (I'm assuming the editor loads without incident in a standalone instance of TCC.) If not, then...well, we'll have to keep looking for causes/answers. The folks here love a good TC*-related poser, even if your own interest is waning. Their success rate is very high.
rename your .ini file out of the way and...reboot
And dang if that didn't work! I now have TCC running in Tab1 and <my secret> running right alongside in Tab2! AFAIK this only costs me a single tweak that I made manually to my INI file (to set <C-u> to be DelToBeginning). Obviously any other via-menu mods are also gone, but they can be restored as I notice their absence (Insert mode will be first! It always is.)

So thanks, TEA, for giving me that last-minute boost for yet one more attempt. And the fact that this time it worked really nags at me now: I must have made some silly little mistake on my earlier attempt. I've really don't nothing different (substantially speaking, that is) ... except probably configured it properly for the first time.

I will reveal the fact that my editor is not what I'm running in the second tab -- but no more! Actually, I do use Vim, and it's easy enough simply to have GVim running in another window and <M-tab> between the two, I wouldn't need console Vim in a second tab. It's all very hush-hush for now, I'm sorry.

Thanks again to all for the help, encouragement, and support. There is no "I" in "JPSoft" ... it's all about the team.
Will TCMD launch successfully with any true console app in its second tab?
@vefatica demonstrated that fact early on ... with pictures ... so the existence of the grail had been proven. It was merely up to me to continue the quest to obtain it for myself.

[Aside: I realize that my @-signs are meaningless here on the forum, but they have a symbolism now that I hope is familiar everywhere.]
Cool, I'm glad you got it working!

Yup, @s are pretty universally recognized, even by this forum, so I find out by previewing this post.
Your @vefatica (<-and this) is clickable and takes you to his profile.

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