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Are Take Command Activations Limited?


I made a P to V VM of a system with a registered copy of Take Command and now when I try to register a new copy of TC with the Activation key sent to me after purchase I get the message "All avaialble keys have been activated".

1) Can I only activate one copy of TC on one computer.
2) Do I have to deactivate all copies of TC on any VMs I create?

The email I received did not indicate I could only use on one physical machine. What if I change the name of the physical machine?

I am worried that I may need to destroy a VM with TC Activated. What happens then? I am not a business and cannot afford another $100 for a license. Initially I believe there was mention of a USB key but I did not choose that option. Would that allow multiple install of TC?


Maraty Felker
A single-system license can be activated on up to three systems. (The registration is based on the computer name.)

You can unregister a system by going to the registration dialog, entering your activation key, and selecting "Unregister".

You can also register Take Command on a USB thumb drive, and move that drive between systems.

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