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How to? arrays ....

How would I define and use an array that had 2 rows and had %nTotFlds columns?

Also has %@email[possibleemailaddress] been changed at all since v25 ?
setarray my_array[2,%nTotFlds]

Here's the @EMAIL regular expression from v27. Compare it to the one from v25.

@EMAIL TCC internal variable function
@EMAIL uses the regular expression "^[\w-]+(\.[\w-]+)*@([a-z0-9-]+(\.[a-z0-9-]+)*?\.[a-z]{2,6}|(\d{1,3}\.){3}\d{1,3})(:\d{4})?$" to validate the address. This matches 99.99% of valid email address including ip's (which are rarely used). Allows for a-z0-9_.- in the username, but not ending in a full stop (i.e [email protected] is invalid) and a-z0-9- as the optional sub domain(s) with domain name and a 2-7 char (a-z) tld.
Then set array elements with the likes of

set my_array[row,column]=value  (row from 0 to 1, column from 0 to 3)

To retrieve an element, echo %my_array[row,column]  (ditto)

variables as row and column are OK.
Thanks for answering. I did have one other concern. I am working with AOL, Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo contact lists, saved as CSV files. I have the sep_list as just "," but what if a field has a comma? Would I need to change the sep_list somehow ?

set sep_list=","