Asking suggestions for repurposing early-failing 4TB drive

Oct 18, 2009
I'm asking for suggestions to repurpose an external 4TB possibly showing early signs of failure.

Until this weekend it was my primary backup drive. I was running a defrag and it started some clicking. The clicking is not constant.

It hasn't shown any read errors. I did copy the entire drive to a new 4TB disk, which will now be my primary backup drive.

My main PC has about 400GB data. I'm retired now, so the PC is mainly used for hobbyist stuff--and I actually mainly use a Linux PC instead.

The new drive means I now have four backup drives--2 Toshiba 4TB drives, a Seagate 3TB, and the new WD 4TB drive. The "showing signs" is the oldest Toshiba, about 2500 hours on and 522 power ons. I just completed a 6-hour chkdsk repair scan and it came up no bad sectors.

(The reason I had 3 was that several years ago a different disk did fail, so I bought the Seagate. That quickly "failed", so I bought the second Toshiba. When I contacted Seagate for an RMA they suggested trying their disk repair tools, which fixed the problem, so I wound up with 3 good high-capacity backup drives.)

These are internal disks in separately purchased external enclosures and the drives are vertical.

I normally backup once a week and cycle the drives, so one drive has this week's backup, another has last week's and the third has the one from 2 weeks ago. Those drives also have backups of older O/S's, etc.

I don't want to give the drive away, because obviously it could fail in a relatively short time ... or not. On the other hand, I obviously don't need a fourth backup drive. It's not a situation where I could give it to a relative, etc., who doesn't have a backup drive and then support it if necessary.

So, any suggestions?
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