Done ASSOCIATE: Support other verbs

Charles Dye

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May 20, 2008
Albuquerque, NM
ASSOCIATE would be more useful if it could set verbs other than "Open". I suggest a syntax like:

ASSOCIATE /V:verb .ext=cmdstring
Only one /V: per command, and the verb defaults to "Open" if not specified. Setting multiple verbs would require multiple calls:

associate /f .btm="%_cmdspec" /c "%%1" %%*
associate /f /v:RunAs .btm="%_cmdspec" /c "%%1" %%*
associate /f /v:Debug .btm="%_cmdspec" /c bdebugger "%%1" "%%*"
associate /f /v:Edit .btm="%@path[%_cmdspec]tcedit.exe" "%%1"
associate /f /v:Print .btm="%@search[notepad.exe]" /p "%%1"

The same could be done to FTYPE, but I see that command as being more for CMD.EXE compatibility.
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