Done Augmented Help

This is a rather large request. The intent is to make Help more useful, and immediately useful.

Perhaps it could handled as a collaborative user project to take some of the burden off JPSoft.

What I would like is:

1. a realistiic example of use of every function, and syntax element, showing it in enough context you can pretty well just plug it into a script without needing a lot of other knowledge to set up. It should show the expected result. Perhaps this could be mechanised to actually run the script and caputure output automatically. This would help proofread.

2. attaching muliple keywords to every help element that are indexed so that yiou don't need to know the name of something to look it up.

The way it is now ,almost never in the help sufficient. I always have to search for examples before I can understand how to use it. Any kind of BNF is just obfuscation since there are so many variants. IF you must use it , use two different fonts/colours for things you type as is vs things you replace or are meta syntax.
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