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Autocomplete sometimes very slow

I have TCC/LE installed on a number of machines, and the same config file is used on each one. On one of them, the autocomplete feature can sometimes be VERY slow, taking 10-30 seconds to finish, particularly if no file matches the partial filename. This can also happen if I enter part of a command and hit the up-arrow key to get previous commands and none match.

The machine in question is a very fast quad-core 2.5 GHz machine running Windows 8. My other machines (some actual machines, some VMs, but all are much slower in general) don't seem to have this problem. However it's intermittent; sometimes everything works fine and other times I see this long delay, but I never see the delay on other machines.

Any suggestions?
Are you autocompleting UNC paths? If so, what piece (server name, share name, path, etc)

If not UNC paths, is cmd autocomplete also slow?
Sorry for the delay in responding but it doesn't happen very often. No, I'm not autocompleting UNC paths or network drives, just files in the local file system. Command autocomplete is also slow.