Documentation Bad links in v15 help

Feb 26, 2013
1. On the page of Commands by Name (TCC > Commands > Commands by Name) clicking on the link for the ZIP command takes you to the page for the "Y" command.

2. On the page of Commands by Category (TCC > Commands > Commands by Category), in the sub-table headed "Compression / Decompression commands" there are several bad links:

(i) The link for GZIP takes you to the CLIPMONITOR page​
(ii) The link for TAR takes you to the EVENTMONITOR page​
(iii) The link for UNGZIP takes you to the FIREWIREMONITOR page​
(iv) The link for UNTAR takes you to the FOLDERMONITOR page​
(v) The link for UNZIP takes you to the NETMONITOR page​
(vi) The link for ZIP takes you to the PROCESSMONITOR page​
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