Batch Debugger Command Expansion Window

Apr 18, 2014
TCC 25.00.23 x64 Windows 10 [Version 10.0.18362.418]
TCC Build 23 Windows 10 Build 18362

In "What's New in Version 25" of the help it says:

"If you don't want to see the Command Expansion window, you can turn it off from the IDE "View / Command Expansion" menu option."

If you turn it off, then exit and restart the debugger, it is turned back on - the state is not maintained. Is this WAD? The other items in that menu (Toolbar, Status Bar and Toolbox) all maintain their On/Off state when exiting and restarting the debugger and I expected the Command Expansion window to do so too.
Jan 12, 2014
Switzerland, SO
Here it is vice versa: I can't activate it permanentely ... after next start I still have the arrow activated in the menu but no window for the command expansion appears ... weird ...
Apr 18, 2014
Here it is vice versa: I can't activate it permanentely ... after next start I still have the arrow activated in the menu but no window for the command expansion appears ... weird ...
The window only appears when you start executing the batch file in the debugger, so I think you are seeing the same thing that I am.
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