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Batch files Calling Batch Files

When I have a bat file call a bat file the calling bat file closes in the debugger when it calls into the called bat file and then comes back with the called bat file returns. Is there a way to have the calling bat file stay open until the called batch file returns?

Also if the debugging session is terminated you are left in the called batch file not returned to the original batch file.
There currently is not a way to do that.

This is a complex issue - if you stop a batch debugging session, do you really want to go back to the original batch file? Or do you want to do something with the current batch file? Should the debugger open another tab for CALL'd batch files, or for chained batch files (or both or neither?).
I would suggest you keep the window open even if you terminate. I would behave like the Visual Studio Debugger. What is frustrating is the window opened when you started disappears and only comes back if you execute to the return to it.

Quite often I want to look back at the calling batch file while in the called batch file and it is a pain to reopen it especially when they are not in the same location.

And if you do reopen the window the batch file and the calling one returns you sometimes end up with it open twice.

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