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WAD BDEBUGGER command changes window title to "TCC Prompt"

Although TCMD.INI contains the line "UpdateTitle=No", starting at V13 and all later versions (but not in V12 or V11) the BDEBUGGER command changes the window title of stand-alone TCC instances to "TCC Prompt". The title is not changed back on closing the debugger window.
But why does the debugger change it? I thought that UpdateTitle=No is supposed to prevent that! Until V13 this did not happen...
If the debugger is not TCC, why does it set the title to "TCC Prompt" at the start of the debugging session? It should be similar to the title of the debugger window itself: "IDE 14.0 - batchfilename". And why can't it save the window title and automatically restore it? If one has several instances of TCC on screen (or in TCMD tabs), restoring the title on termination of debugging could be a big help.

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