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BDebugger crashes

I'm using TCC 16.03.55 x64 on Windows 7 SP1. When I try to debug my batch file using the command bdebugger c:\Utils\UpHF.btm, it loads into the IDE just fine. But when I try to start the batch file, it frequently (but not always) crashes. I have no plugins. quite a number of aliases and functions defined, and nothing else I can think of that might produce an unusual environment. What can I do to gather whatever information you might need to help solve this problem?

Oh, and the batch file to be debugged doesn't seem to matter, either. This one in particular is only about 40 lines long - not exactly a large one, nor is it very complicated.
I can't even make a SWAG without more details -- are you getting the Windows Error Reporting popup? If so, I need the details from that.

The batch debugger handles exceptions internally, and under normal conditions cannot crash unless the exception is in a dll that does not have any exception handling. (This is unfortunately not uncommon in third-party apps that are injecting their dll's into TCC's address space.)
Having been on the receiving end of numerous "nebulous" error reports like this, I appreciate your statement that there's not much you can do with what I've provided so far. No, there is no Windows Error Reporting popup. All I get is the "Take Command IDE/Debugger has stopped working" dialog, with a "Debug" or "Close program" option. I could choose Debug, but I have no idea what you might want to get dumped or anything like that. If you can give me more info on how to proceed, I can try to be your eyes and fingers.

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