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Bdebugger displays an error when typing right square bracket

TCC 9,02.154 Windows XP [Version 5,1,2600]
TCC Build 154 Windows XP Build 2600 Service Pack 3

When I type the right square bracket (]-character) an error message
appears at the same time as the character is displayed.
The message is: Not a matchable character. Only the following characters are matchable: {[(<`«»'>)]}.
This is reproducible if you use a swedish keyboard layout. If I switch to English (United States) the error message is not displayed. My regional and Languages Options is set to Swedish as default.

You can easily add the swedish keyboard if you add swedish to Regional and Language Options.

When using swedish keyboard layout the
[-key is displayed by typing AltGr+8
]-key is displayed by typing AltGr+9

Best regards
Berndt Berg
<!-- / message -->
<!-- controls -->
TCC 10,00,31 Windows XP [Version 5,1,2600]
TCC Build 31 Windows XP Build 2600 Service Pack

This is working in beta 10.0 build 31.

Best regards
Berndt Berg<!-- controls -->

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