May 20, 2008
Elkridge, MD, USA
Below is the beginning of a batch file:

@echo off
set A0h=%@fileopen[MM.PND,append,t]
:: move to MM posted balance
set A0x=%@fileseek[%A0h,229,0]
:: read bal
set A0bal=%@fileread[%A0h,9]
:: move to MM posted balance
set A0x=%@fileseek[%A0h,229,0]
:: read bal
set A0bal=%@fileread[%A0h,9]
:: move to beginning of first data line
set A0x=%@fileseek[%A0h,307,0]
set A0sub=0

"acc" is an alias for "CDD workdirectory".

I start the program in BDEBUGGER. Skip over the first line (@echo) using
ctrl-F11; execute the next two lines. So far all is well. Now I want to skip
over all "@file*" commands, so when the @fileopen is highlighted, I again
use ctrl-F11. Lo and behold, instead of skipping to the first command line
or to the first @fileseek line (line 6), I get 4 "parameter is incorrect"
error messages, for lines 6, 8, 10 and 12, with the functions in those
lines. The next highlighted line is line 13 (set A0sub)...

I expected that skipping a command, using ctrl-F11, would stop at the next
executable command, without any processing. What else would single-stepping

BTW, it would be nice if "skip this line" when the command on that line is
the beginning of a group, e.g., DO, SWITCH, IFF, would skip the whole
command group to the command line following the matching ENDDO, ENDSWITCH,
ENDIFF (as debuggers for HLLs usually do).
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