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BEEP - weird on two machines

On both machines, I have BeepFreq=0 and BeepLength=0.

On the Win7 machine, I'm getting error beeps (for example if I <Tab> to complete and there are no matches). That's very odd because I haven't changed anything (TCC or the system) in quite a while, and I make mistakes like that regularly ... and I am only noticing it today. On the Win7 machine, BEEP <system_sound> works OK.

On the Win10 machine I hear no error beeps but BEEP <system_sound> doesn't work (at least I don't hear anything from BEEP ASTERISK and friends). In testing, I set the volume to 100. I do have system sounds on the Win10 machine (for example when I plug/unplug an external HD, or test them in ControlPanel).

On both machines, BEEP 440 5 (for example) works.
About the Win7 machine ...

Now that the volume is back to normal, I guess the bad-key beeps have been there all along. I'm just so used to them that they don't register. But isn't that contrary to what the help says about BeepFreq and BeepLength? I have both set to 0 and the help says that will "disable all error beeps", but I still get the system "Default Beep" on a bad key.
TCC x64 uses DirectSound for the BEEP command. If you're having problems, you should look at your DirectSound setup.
I don't even know what that is. Where do I go to look at its setup?

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