Beeps when pressing modifier keys in Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview 15002.1001


Aug 3, 2015
I just got the latest update to Windows 10 and now when I press any of these keys:

left/right shift
left/right control

TCC/LE x64 beeps & it's really annoying. I've just disabled the beep in OPTION by settting the duration to 1 and frequency to 0. Of course it won't beep in other situations. So it would be nice if it was looked at sometime.

Is it TCC/LE doing it, or are you maybe bumping into Windows 10's new console features? I'd suggest setting it use use the legacy console: Alt-Space, P to open the properties dialog; select the Options tab; turn on "Use legacy console"; Okay. You may have to restart TCC for the changes to take effect.
I assume it is TCC/LE doing it because changing the time/frequency in the OPTION command, changes the sound it makes.

However resetting the OPTION settings to the default and changing to the legacy console seems to work too, I assume the latest preview build is sending TCC/LE something new that it doesn't like.

I will probably go back to my previous work-round for the moment though, until I figure out whether there is anything in the new console that I want.