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Beta - duplicate install

With build 9 and with build 10, running the installer does not remove the prior install, but installs a second instance even when the same install folder is selected. I had to uninstall both v20 builds and then re-install the new build. This happens with both 'option /u' or standalone installer. Also, the default install folder is reset each time instead of using the prior non-default install folder.

Edit: This is on Win10x64.
I also had two TCMD 20's in "Programs and Features" (after installing build 10 in the same place as before). I simply uninstalled the older one (didn't notice if it was 8 or 9). That left 10 intact, and the only one in "Programs and Features".
I am not seeing that behavior. I have a single entry in "Programs and Features" and a single "C:\ProgramData\JP Software\Take Command 20.0". Within that subdirectory there's an updates\tcmdupdate.aiu file. I don't know if the behavior is different for registered vs. unregistered product.

This was the first time I used Update for V20. All my previous installs were a direct download of Tcmd.exe.
I had the same issue as Tim (win10 64bit). I had two TCMD instances in "Program and Features" I've removed both (they both uninstalled correctly) and am reinstalling b10. I also installed them both in the same (but non-default) directories.

I installed b10 and an earlier one in the default location and have 2 entries in the Programs and Features...
Upgrade via the "Check for Updates" menu item from 20.00.9 x64 to 20.00.10 x64, to the same non-default directory, resulted in two entries.


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