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Done Better documentation

As a very long-term TCC user I'd like to see more effort put into the documentation, which doesn't do justice do this outstanding software. In particular, every function should have examples that the user can copy and adapt (ZIP doesn't for example). This would benefit new users as well as more experienced ones.

I would feel more incentive to upgrade (currently on v22) if I knew the documentation would make it easier to take advantage of the new features. The "What's New" lists in new version announcements are long and hard to read - and intimidating even to an old hand such as me.
I made a similar suggestion several years ago, and JPSoft used to have a wiki, which very few people used. I was one of the major contributors, and I posted maybe 10 things, probably less.

Rex explained that the problem with massively increasing the amount and detail of the documentation is that it would require a tremendous amount of limited resources--basically the entire time and effort normally dedicated to a major version upgrade. So, basically, it would be like Ver. 27 only being a documentation upgrade, and very few people would upgrade just for that.
You can always suggest improvements.
And I mean, real improvements, not useless "please improve" suggestions.