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Bookmark directories (util)

I want so share a couple small btm files for bookmarking directories. They work like this:

First we set a bookmark with bm.btm
[c:\projects]bm proj
This sets a bookmark named proj that points to the current dir c:\projects

Then we can use cb.btm to change to that directory
[c:\stuff]cb proj
This sets the current dir to c:\projects

Home someone finds these useful


  • bm.btm
    863 bytes · Views: 125
  • cb.btm
    682 bytes · Views: 132
Does this have any advantage over directory aliases? For example, you could add the following line to your alias definitions:


Then you could change to it with the following (the second one if you have the directory change option set):

cd proj: proj:

In addition, you could use "proj:" to reference that directory in other commands, such as

dir proj:*.docx copy file.txt proj:

I have hundreds of such definitions in my alias file.
The advantage is very small:
I prefer
bm bobbles
alias bobbles:=%@cwds[]
alias bobbles:=C:\Users\Craig\Downloads\bobbles

I also like using 'cb' when I'm changing to a bookmark as opposed to 'cd' when changing to a named dir.

But, now that you mention it, you are absolutely right that this is the domain of aliases:
alias bm=`alias %1:=%@cwds[]`
alias cb=`cdd %1:`

And I like your choice of ":" for the disambiguation char (I have lots of aliases)

Thanks Jay