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BTM code analysis

Any plugin guru's thought of developing such a tool.

1) It should allow the user of such a tool to add his/her own methods to a library of method's in which the tool would either except or deny based on what's already elegantly defined in a library.

2) Have the ability to analyse user defined method before committing *new UDM to library

3) The tool shouldn't modify the script just suggest a more efficient method via OSD popup

Would this be Feasible ?.
I'm guessing this would involve hooks into TCC beyond what's provided for plugins. More like the batch debugger, perhaps.
Ideally the debugger would. But I'm guessing Jpsoft has more than enough to deal with. A super guru of your calibre might be able to persuade Jpsoft to give you and other talented plugin developers these "hooks".

I'm guessing the UDM would be the first place to start before any sort of algorithm could be defined. Hmmm sounds like a lot of work.

Thank you for your input Charles
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