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WAD Bug in TC v 13.03 build 39 x64

TC 13.03:
When I am on the left side of TC (directory tree) and select an subdirectory, in the top window, the contents of that subdirectory is shown. In my case, this was the folder for my nvidia card and there was about 10 subdirs with older driver versions. No I select 9 of the 10 subdirs and delete them with shift – delete. After a security question, these folders are gone in the top window. Not so in the directory tree on the left side. All deleted subfolders are still there and clicking on on of it brings an error (because it was deleted !)..
So there is no synchronization between your both windows…. This annoying, because I have to leave TC to bring back a correct view….
Sorry for my english, this is not my native language...

Regards from germany.
Not a bug.

You probably didn't enable the "Update Folders view on Directory Creation / Deletion" option in the "Configure Take Command / Advanced" dialog. That option does slow some things down noticeably, so most people prefer to leave it off and just hit Refresh (F5) when they want to update the folder view.

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