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Fixed Build 48 - Non-ASCII Character mishandling

I use the "box-drawing characters" of codepage 437 in many tables presented by batch programs. In one of my batch files, unchanged since V8 (though it could be made more efficient), all versions from V7 through V13.03 B46 always display the xB3 (vertical bar) character correctly. On two separate systems B48 does not.

In a batch program which uses the line below

set zz_bal=%@eval[%@field["│║",4,%line]]

the field delimiter is reported to be "" in B48.

I suspect the new UTF-8 processing has caused this problem. I did not change my .INI files to accomodate UTF-8 which I do not use; my V13.INI was last changed 2012-02-22@10:33:52, when B45 was the installed release.

This bug is a show stopper!
It's unlikely to be UTF-8 related -- that only looks at the first three bytes in the file (for the UTF-8 BOM).

The batch line fragment you provided isn't useful for debugging (for one thing, what is "%line"?) -- can you provide a small batch file that demonstrates the problem you're experiencing?
Build 49 solved the problem on both systems. I don't know whether or not you did something explicitly but the issue is now closed.

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