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built in file explorer - how do i go back "up" the directory?


so i just got TC and i've been trying to figure out how to navigate back up the directory but for the life of me, there doesn't seem to be any "up" or "back" functionality to traverse backwards through the path... is that right?

i can delete the last entry on the path above the directory window but is that the only way i can do this?

also, the directory seems not to completely follow the path on the left hand side... so certain folders are hilited and you can follow the hilites down to where you currently are but that path is not unfolded all the way and you have to manually traverse to get to your current location.

is this correct? is there any way that i can change this behavior?


This is a Microsoft control, so there isn't anything I can do to change the behavior.

If your focus is in the details window, there's no up/back option to go to the parent directory. If you're in the folders window (on the left), the left/right cursor keys will move you through the parent / child directories.
oh, the left right arrow thing totally works for me. i just needed any methodology to traverse the path without typing it in manually.

thanks much!

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