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Buttons missing from Help

When using TCC, I press F1 and it brings up the Help program. The minimize, maximize and close buttons are not there:


But, if I put the mouse cursor over the spot where the button is supposed to be, the "tool tip" appears:


If I run the "eViewer.exe" program directly, or launch it by clicking on the "TakeCommand.ewriter" file, then the minimize, maximize and close buttons display normally.

I have observed this behavior in TCC versions 29 and 30.
Here it works correctly (Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64 [19045.3031] [22H2] [de-CH] TCMD 30.00.18 x64).

Is that with Windows 11?
Maybe it's related to this thread?

By the way, although I don't think I did anything, I no longer have the problem of the stuff in the help window title bar disappearing when the window is inactive. (Rex -- did you hack into my machine and fix the problem? :smile: ) The only thing I can imagine is that I did try making a change in the default color of the active bar. That experiment led to some serious problems, including making TCMD not work at all (what one thing had to do with the other is a mystery to me). Eventually, I returned to my original setting, but the old problem went away. So I don't plan to try any more experiments with my Windows style!

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