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How to? Can't change directory ("cd") into system hidden files

Despite the following settings all being checked
  • Take Command Config > Advanced > Show Hidden Files
  • Take Command Config > Windows > Command Input > Complete hidden files
  • Take Command Config > Windows > Command Input > Complete hidden directories
I am still unable to see hidden directories in TCC-LE console tabs. For example, while the "AppData" directory in


is visible in Windows Explorer (because I configure folder options to do so), it is not being listed in TCC-LE.

Although I can still successfully change directories to it, by typing "cd AppData" fully, it is not listed with the "dir" command, and is not tab-completed.

What can I do to fix this? Thank you.
Do you actually have rights to that subdirectory? Does it work as expected if you run TCC as administrator?
I am getting the same results when running Take Command as administrator--it's still not showing up with "dir" or tab completing. I also verified that all the options I mentioned above are still checked.

When running Take Command in normal mode (that is, not as administrator), I can cd into the "AppData" directory successfully, I just have to type "AppData" fullly. It does not tab-complete. So I do have rights to it either way.
In the TCC window type "option" and then look at the editing tab. There should be a checkbox for "Complete Hidden files" which, if checked, will do what you want (I think!)
It works! At least partially. The AppData directory now tab-completes. It's still not showing up in the "dir" list, but tab completion is a higher priority, so that's great.

Thank you.
Excellent. How do you configure that so it's saved across sessions? I'm guessing there's some concept of "run this bat script each time I launch a new TCC tab".

(FYI: I'm about to post a new unrelated thread.)
If properly configured, TCSTART.BTM is run every time a TCC starts. There's also SHRALIAS, a mechanism for guarding global lists (history, alias, dirhistory, function) so they hang around even when no TCCs are running. New TCCs using global lists find those lists with no fuss.

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