How to? Can't change directory ("cd") into system hidden files

Jul 23, 2014
Despite the following settings all being checked
  • Take Command Config > Advanced > Show Hidden Files
  • Take Command Config > Windows > Command Input > Complete hidden files
  • Take Command Config > Windows > Command Input > Complete hidden directories
I am still unable to see hidden directories in TCC-LE console tabs. For example, while the "AppData" directory in


is visible in Windows Explorer (because I configure folder options to do so), it is not being listed in TCC-LE.

Although I can still successfully change directories to it, by typing "cd AppData" fully, it is not listed with the "dir" command, and is not tab-completed.

What can I do to fix this? Thank you.


Screenshots of "c:\Users\jeffy", with the "AppData" folder visible in Explorer, but not in TCC:

Jul 23, 2014
I am getting the same results when running Take Command as administrator--it's still not showing up with "dir" or tab completing. I also verified that all the options I mentioned above are still checked.

When running Take Command in normal mode (that is, not as administrator), I can cd into the "AppData" directory successfully, I just have to type "AppData" fullly. It does not tab-complete. So I do have rights to it either way.
Apr 18, 2014
In the TCC window type "option" and then look at the editing tab. There should be a checkbox for "Complete Hidden files" which, if checked, will do what you want (I think!)
Jul 23, 2014
It works! At least partially. The AppData directory now tab-completes. It's still not showing up in the "dir" list, but tab completion is a higher priority, so that's great.

Thank you.
Jul 23, 2014
Excellent. How do you configure that so it's saved across sessions? I'm guessing there's some concept of "run this bat script each time I launch a new TCC tab".

(FYI: I'm about to post a new unrelated thread.)
May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
If properly configured, TCSTART.BTM is run every time a TCC starts. There's also SHRALIAS, a mechanism for guarding global lists (history, alias, dirhistory, function) so they hang around even when no TCCs are running. New TCCs using global lists find those lists with no fuss.
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