Can't disable internal tar, at least in pipes

Oct 24, 2011
I use a lot of ported Linux tools, so I have tar disabled in my TCSTART file, using setdos /i-tar
but tar comes back alive in pipes.

For example:
setdos /i-tar
which tar
tar is an external : C:\Bin\tar.exe

zcat acronyms.tar.Z | tar tv | less
Usage : TAR [A:[[-][+]rhsdaecjot] /A /C /D /F /G /M /O:[-]adegnrstu /P /Q /R /TEST /U /V] tararchive [@file] file...

zcat: stdout: Broken pipe

The usage message is from the built-in tar which should be disabled. By adding the path to the external tar, it works as expected:
zcat acronyms.tar.Z | c:\bin\tar tv | less
-rwSr-Sr-- bgy2a36/tnmusr 23957 2000-05-01 12:27 tmp/acroa.htm
-rwSr-Sr-- bgy2a36/tnmusr 20930 2000-05-01 12:27 tmp/acrob.htm
-rwSr-Sr-- bgy2a36/tnmusr 35369 2000-05-01 12:28 tmp/acroc.htm
-rwSr-Sr-- bgy2a36/tnmusr 21979 2000-05-01 12:28 tmp/acrod.htm
-rwSr-Sr-- bgy2a36/tnmusr 19065 2000-05-01 12:28 tmp/acroe.htm
-rwSr-Sr-- bgy2a36/tnmusr 14880 2000-05-01 12:28 tmp/acrof.htm
-rwSr-Sr-- bgy2a36/tnmusr 8541 2000-05-01 12:28 tmp/acrog.htm
-rwSr-Sr-- bgy2a36/tnmusr 7887 2000-05-01 12:30 tmp/acroh.htm
-rwSr-Sr-- bgy2a36/tnmusr 19939 2000-05-01 12:31 tmp/acroi.htm
-rwSr-Sr-- bgy2a36/tnmusr 4604 2000-05-01 12:31 tmp/acroj.htm
-rwSr-Sr-- bgy2a36/tnmusr 4532 2000-05-01 12:31 tmp/acrok.htm
-rwSr-Sr-- bgy2a36/tnmusr 14440 2000-05-01 12:31 tmp/acrol.htm
-rwSr-Sr-- bgy2a36/tnmusr 22405 2000-05-01 12:32 tmp/acrom.htm

I'm running TCC version 20.11.40 on Windows 10


Scott Mintz
May 20, 2008
Solon, OH, USA
What's in your TCSTART.BTM file? The first line of mine checks if TCC is running in a pipe and doesn't do the extra stuff.
if %_pipe != 0 .or. %_transient != 0 .or. %_ide != 0 quit
May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
I'll bet Scott's right. With "setdos /i-tar" in the wrong place in TCSTART.BTM I got
v:\> echo foo | which tar
tar is an internal command

When I moved it (so it happened for EVERY instance) I got

v:\> echo foo | which tar
tar is an external : G:\uty\tar.EXE
Oct 24, 2011
Thanks. That was the problem, but it's the first time I ran into it. When I wrote the TCSTART the was no builtin tar. I'm not too thrilled with adding common utilities to TCC -- especially aggravating was zip and unzip..

It seems to me that setdos options should be set semi-permanently, and only reset when a command returns to the prompt. Resetting in a pipe is not intuitive, in my opinion.

I think TCC has become too complex for me. I find it impossible to keep up with the changes. I don't want the command processor to require more attention than my real work. :)

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