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Can't interrupt EVERYTHING's output with Ctrl-C

In v24, I can interrupt EVERYTHING's output with Ctrl-C. I can't interupt EVERYTHING's output in any later version.
I have an ES.DLL (EverythingSearch) plugin. It's ES command is just a wrapped up version of VoidTools cli.c (command line search tool). All of my TCCs (v24~v28) use the same ES.DLL (built March 2017). My TCCv24 and TCCv25 EVERYTHING64.DLLs are identical. Yet the plugin ES command shows the same behavior as TCC's internal EVERYTHING ... I can interrupt the ES command with Ctrl-C in TCCv24 and not in TCCv25 (or later). That makes me think the TCC version has something to do with it.
How could TCC possibly affect your plugin?
I have no clue.

I tested what I said in post #3 again (a few times). My TCCv24 and TCCv25 use the same ES.DLL plugin and have identical EVERYTHING64.DLLs, but the behavior of Ctrl-C during the ES command is different.

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