Can't print to Acrobat X Standard printer


Staff member
May 14, 2008
I downloaded the evaluation version of Acrobat X Pro, and traced through the code. Everything is working in TCMD up to the point where it sends the buffer off to Windows, but it doesn't appear in Acrobat.

Take Command (like every other Windows app) has no idea what a printer driver is doing; it just sends text to the device context and it's up to Windows and the printer driver to handle it.

However, since every other printer driver I'm aware of works with TCMD, as do a couple of third-party PDF drivers I tried, it would seem to be a problem either in Windows or Acrobat. (More likely the latter, given the thousands of bug reports about the Adobe PDF driver I found in a couple of minutes on Google.) At any rate, there's nothing that I can do to "fix" it; the best I could hope for is changing random things to see if they had any effect. I added it (to the bottom) of my "to do" list.