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Can't register 4NT 8.02 on new Windows 7 PC

Had a version of 4NT registered successfully on my old Win 7 Prof PC. Got a new PC with same OS. 4NT "acts" like it registers successfully, but when I restart it, it says I am still in my 30 day trial period. Tried "Run as Administrator" during install and registration; no help. Original registration info listed below. Any help will be appreciated.



4NT Version 8.0

User Name: Gary Levine - 1 System License



Thanks for your order for JP Software products. The registration

key(s) will only work with the latest versions (4NT 8.0, Take Command 8.0, and TCI 2.0).

In order to install your software you will need a copy of the current version of the product downloaded from our web site (http://jpsoft.com/).

To register 4NT or Take Command, enter OPTION on the 4NT or TC command line. Click on the "Register" tab, and enter the name and key provided at the top of this message.

To register TCI, click on the Options menu entry, and select "Configure TCI...". Click on the "Register" tab, and enter the name and key provided at the top of this message.

We recommend you cut and paste the name and key from this message to the product you wish to register.

Please copy the registration name and key and keep it in a safe place.

You will need it if you need to reinstall your software.

Should you have any questions please contact us at [email protected] (Sales / Customer Service), or visit our support forum (accessible from our web site) for technical support.

Again, thank you for your order and support of our products!


Rex Conn

JP Software

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