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Can't update TCC/TCMD to 20.00.25


When I checked for updates in TCC, it informed me that an update to 20.00.25 is available. When I told it to install, it downloaded and attempted to install, and then it game me this error:

"Error: Update installation was blocked, digital signature mismatch. Please contact technical support."

So, I tried this in TCMD, and got the same error.

I'm on Windows 10 Pro, Anniversary Release. I have administrator rights on the machine.

What should I do to upgrade? ...thanks!
What build of TCC / TCMD are you running? If it's an older build (i.e., pre-20.0.20 or so), the digital signature changed because it had to be renewed for another 3 years. In that case, you just need to download the new build and install it (i.e., don't use the built-in updater).
20.00.16. If I install the new build, I assume I won't lose any settings, registration status, etc.? ...thanks!

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