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Catching the result of an evaluated script expression

Discussion in 'Support' started by djspits, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. djspits

    Apr 13, 2010
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    I regularly use TC's ability to launch scripts in other languages that are sometimes better suited for a job or that already offer rich solutions for a given domain.

    I have grown accustomed to let my scripts write output to a text-file that I subsequently open again on return to TC. Sometimes this feels strange, especially when a result is an amount or a single line of text.

    My question is (1) will function like @Perl, @python ever return strings or offer a mechanism that allows the script to efficiently transport the result to a TC environment variable? (2) Intuitively I understand the technical problems related to @Perl or @Python but at the same time given the fact that Lua is an embedded language it seems that in that case the solution should be easier to get at. Do you agree? (3) What is the runtime "cost" of the alternative call to @execstr[] and/or piping to the clipboard and using @Clip? Is there a faster way?

    Regards, DJ.

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